Applying for a Grant

Those interested in applying for a grant from Gaia Fund should carefully review the material on this website describing our funding interests and grantmaking policies. Only inquiries that align with these interests and policies are considered by the Fund.

Applying to Gaia Fund for a grant involves two steps, both completed through Gaia Fund's online application process. Please do not send a hard copy of any material unless requested by the Fund.

First Step: Initial Inquiry

As a first step in applying for a grant, applicants should submit a completed Gaia Fund application form and a two-page letter of inquiry. A link to the inquiry form, along with additional guidelines for making an initial inquiry, is in the Making an Application section of the website.

Following Trustee review of the inquiry, applicants will be notified whether or not the Fund would like to invite a full proposal. This notification may be mailed at any time following receipt of the inquiry, but no later than six to eight weeks after receipt of the inquiry.

Second Step: Full Proposal

If the Fund is interested in further considering the request, applicants will be asked to submit a more detailed proposal.

The due date for the full proposal will vary depending on when the Fund's trustees review the initial inquiry, and will be communicated at the time the invitation for submission is extended.

Applicants will be notified of the Fund's decision regarding their proposal according to the dates in the Application Timeline. Successful applicants will be asked to sign an agreement letter indicating any conditions associated with the grant award.

Please follow the instructions for submission of the initial inquiry. Submissions that do not conform will not be considered.